Right Message.
Right Person.
Right Place.
Right Moment.

Transform your business by delivering authentically personal experiences to your customers, guests, and visitors

Understand your customers and visitors at the deepest possible level.

LighthousePE is a mobile marketing platform-as-a-service that connects consumers’ digital and physical worlds through hyper-targeted mobile content.

It’s more than just a message delivery platform—it’s an integrated system that learns behavior, preferences and habits and uses this data to create authentically personal experiences that motivate people to take an action.

Intelligent Data Collection Means Compelling Content

LighthousePE parses sophisticated behavioral data and uses this information to determine optimal time, place and recipient.

Driven By Data
LighthousePE collects location data, transaction history, and explicit and implicit preferences to inform content deliveries.

Segments of One
With such precise content logic in place, LighthousePE can deliver relevant content to large groups or single individuals.

Adapts As It Learns
The foundational Core Engine continually analyzes data points and content interactions and refines the content strategy to deliver increasingly better results.

Easy Native App Integration
LighthousePE includes an SDK that makes it simple for the existing apps to integrate with the platform, eliminating implementation barriers.

Any Business. Any Organization. Anything’s Possible.

Casino & Gaming
Develop real one-to-one player relationships and grow ancillary revenue by encouraging players to stay longer and play more.

Travel & Tourism
Create truly personal travel experiences for visitors and provide your partners with more ways to connect with destination guests.

Enhance retailers’ reach and build deeper customer loyalty with deals and offers targeted to nearby shoppers.

Make every stay unforgettable with unique and meaningful content perfectly tailored to every customer.

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